Profile of the Last Puritan

Jonathan Edwards, Self-Love, and the Dawn of the Beatific

David Clark Brand

    David C. Brand’s
Profile of the Last Puritan: Jonathan Edwards, Self-Love, and the Dawn of the Beatific was published by Scholars Press of Atlanta as part of the Academy Series of the American Academy of Religion in 1991.

Reviewers’ Comments

    “In my judgment, you have superbly captured the essence of Jonathan Edwards’s theological focus upon the glory of God as the end of all things. You have related Edwards’s theology clearly and concisely to main currents of philosophical thought in the eighteenth century, and you have shown how Edwards’s position represents a powerful response to the growing Arminianism of mid-eighteenth century America.

    In my judgment, anyone who reads your thesis will understand excellently the major intellectual currents of this critical period in American history. I regard your work as complementary to the investigations of this period conducted by such scholars as Norman Fiering, Nathan Hatch, and Ola Winslow.”

-Dr. Samuel T. Logan, Jr., President, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Few works, among a vast bibliographical evaluation of Jonathan Edwards, recognize his classic Calvinism. This Brand heralds with a vengeance. Because of the author’s precision here, he puts the father of the Second Great Awakening, Timothy Dwight, Yale’s president about a century after his famous grandfather’s birth, in his place. Dwight is shown to have departed from Edwards on virtually all ‘five points’ of Calvinism. . . . In addition to a fresh return to old fashioned thinking about Edwards’ theology, this book makes a profound theme perhaps more readable than the “Puritan Sage” himself could make it.”

-the late Dr. John H. Gerstner, Edwardsean scholar and Professor Emeritus at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

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