The Covenant of Works and the Second Adam

by David Clark Brand


David Clark Brand

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    "God is using David Brand to re-introduce the vital doctrine of the covenant of works. The church has struggled to survive on a half gospel for too long.  It is the cross that atones for our sin, but it is the active, meritorious obedience of Christ that grants us righteousness.  The obedient life of Jesus is as much a part of our salvation as his atoning death.  David Brand's The Covenant of Works and the Second Adam will show you why J.Gresham Machen wrote just before he died, 'So thankful for the active obedience of Christ.  No hope without it.' Thanks David for helping us build our hope on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness!"

-John Fanella 
Pastor, Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC
Author, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Made Easier to Read


 Excerpt from ChapterOne

    The Savoy Declaration of 1658, like its Westminster and London Baptist confessional cousins, unequivocally affirms that God established with Adam a covenant of works "wherein life was promised to Adam, and in him to his posterity, upon condition of perfect and personal obedience" (VII, II). This concept of a pre-Fall Adamic covenant of works has been assailed by many well-known scholars and theologians of the latter half of the twentieth century, as though it were too mechanical or otherwise unworthy of the God of grace. Among its present day detractors are some proponents of the so-called "New Covenant Theology," a movement that has received intellectual impetus from the faculty of Trinity Seminary in Deerfield, Illinois.

    Modern opposition to the Adamic covenant of works has come from other quarters as well. Holmes Rolston, III, in his book John Calvin versus the Westminster Confession, pitted the Geneva Reformer over against the English Puritans on the issue. Dutch Reformed scholar and writer, Herman Hoeksema, and Reformed charismatic J. Rodman Williams in his Renewal Theology have expressed their opposition to the concept. Pastor and popular Edwardsean author, John Piper, devoted a chapter in A Godward Life to the question: "Did God Command a Man to Earn His Life?" New Covenant Theology writer, John Reisinger, cites evidence from John Murray, that the eminent Westminster Seminary theologian himself had misgivings about the concept, at least as commonly taught by covenant theologians. In fact, some of the "New Covenant" theologians, Reisinger among them, have gone a step further denying the existence of any covenant (call it probationary, or what you will) between God and Adam prior to the Fall.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Logic and the Mainstream 1

Chapter 2    Exegeting Genesis 1-3 5 

Chapter 3    A Probationary Covenant 9 

Chapter 4    A Covenant of Works 13 

Chapter 5    Eden, Sinai, and Holy Matrimony 19 

Chapter 6    The Second Adam and the Divine Intent 23 

Reference List    33

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